Feelium, situated in the heart of Kensington, serves as an artist space, offering studios and curated exhibitions. Our mission at Feelium is to cultivate a supportive environment for artists and creative individuals, providing studio facilities, a critically engaged public program, and mentorship opportunities for young artists & students.

What we offer

Feelium occupies a charming 3-story townhouse at the heart of Kensington, surrounded by cultural institutions like the Coronet Theatre, the Design Museum, and the Royal College of Art. Offering versatile studio spaces and exhibition areas, our spaces are aimed at accommodating art projects fostering experimentation and creativity. Feelium's inclusive atmosphere promotes collaboration and innovation. Moreover, our mentorship programs that encompass portfolio development, industry application support, engaging talks with professionals, offer valuable insights into crafting a sustainable practice in today’s contemporary art landscape.

Beyond the traditional studio, Feelium fosters a supportive ecosystem, bridging the gap between artistic production and exhibition making.

Curatorial Statement

A term coined by Douglas Hofstadter, Feelium* is the inanimate particle that produces experience, a special ingredient responsible for perceptions common to every living thing. Operating within a contemporary art context, Feelium's mission is to bridge the realms of sensation and comprehension, fostering a holistic experience. Within this ecosystem, tangible and intangible entities form connections that traverse the boundaries of the physical and the virtual. These entities, whether perceived as particles or bodies, establish a network of relationships, ushering sensations, thoughts, and emotions into a shared continuum through the act of observation.

Feelium's space serves as a platform for experimentation, placing emphasis on practices emerging at the crossroads of physical space and virtual storytelling. By nurturing this symbiotic relationship between the tangible and the digital, Feelium cultivates a conceptual dialogue that challenges the traditional discourse of exhibition making. 

*Reference from Douglas Hofstadter, I Am a Strange Loop